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Spa Packages

The OH! Spa features new packages in the Spring Menu. 

OH! Spa Journey

Allow your senses to be swept away during our signature spa journey. begin your journey with our 90-minute Relaxation Massage with concentrated focus on the neck and shoulders, as a lavender balm is massaged onto the back, followed by a therapeutic full-body massage. The second part of your journey is the Ocean Custom Facial using powerful marine ingredients specifically chosen for your skin type for a clean, refreshed finish.

2.5 hours; $400

Time Together Retreat

For some quality time together, escape to our couple's suite for spa experiences that will bring your bodies into balance and harmony. An invigorating lemon butter scrub followed by a soak of aromatherapy-infused bubbling water will nourish the skin and uplift your senses. A 90-minute Customized Massage leaves your skin softened, your mind relaxed and your soul refreshed.

3 hours; $850


A relaxing escape for the expectant mother, this experience starts with a massage with special care to ensure muscle relaxation and comfort. Next a belly treatment with a hydrating masque and butter application for the belly and décolleté. A facial with natural ingredients is the perfect way to complete this package and leave the mother-to-be with a full-body glow.

2.5 hours; $450