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The OH! Spa offers a number of complimentary activities for our guests. From an invigorating beach boot camp to a soothing Tai Chi class, there are enough activities to suit every body.

Sample Spa Complimentary Classes

Beach Boot Camp
Interval training to target your core and achieve body definition.

An energizing flow series of postures and core-strengthening excercises linking mind to body through breath.

Mat Pilates
This core conditioning class is designed to strengthen muscles and to improve core strength and posture alignment.

Core & Cardio
This total body workout increases balance, flexibility, strength and circulation, trains core muscles to initiate movement through breathing techniques, enhances endurance, as well as relieves stress and tension.

Total Body Sculpting
This class incorporates weights and cardio drills designed to tone and sculpt your body.

Aqua Fit
This water fitness class is designed to improve your physical range of motion, build strength and build stability.

Tai Chi
As the most well-known of China’s martial arts, the slow, circular-focusing movements relax muscles while promoting proper core alignment and balance.

One-on-One Personal Training
Benefit from an individualized approach to physical fitness with personal training available through the Ocean House's fitness center. Your personal trainer will assess your level of physical fitness.